Home Sweet…

It’s been too long. So long that we sold our house, started building a new one, moved out of our house, and moved into my in-laws. Woah. Thinking back to how exhausting that all was is exhausting me right now. 


Shortly after the new year we decided to put our home up for sale by owner in hopes to move closer to the city where Josh and I both work now. It sold fast and we were left with no place to go as our new home won’t be completed until the fall. Luckily my husbands’ parents are graciously allowing us and our cat to join them in the meantime while most of our earthly belongings sit in storage. Many people had an initial reaction of, “WHAT!? YOU PUT SO MUCH WORK INTO THAT HOME!!” We did and we loved it. But we were ready to let her go and happy that the new owners loved what we did to the home.

We are excited to chronicle the building process here on our blog and then all of the projects we’ll tackle to take our builder-grade home to the next level! Will you join us? 

A Very Merry 2014

Four years ago when we decided to film our first Christmas tree decorating session, we never really planned on it being a thing. Now, four years later it’s one of our favorite traditions.

We’ve explained this before here (2010), here (2011), here (2012), and here (2013). In case you wanted to see how things have evolved.

And it’s that time of year once again!

2014 was quite the year to reflect upon and we owe a huge thanks to everybody who made it so groovy.

Mudhut In The Kitchen

Mudhut Perdana Dining Chairs

For those of you wondering, yes, we are still here. We did take a bit of a break from the whole blogging thing after our kitchen remodel kicked our butts but forget excuses, let’s get back into the swing of things.

If you recall, we concluded our last blog post with the following:

I promise we’ll explain the whole “why are there no chairs at your table” thing soon but in the meantime, what do you think? Isn’t it nice with the added color in the kitchen? Are you a sew-master?

Depending on your definition of “soon” we may be a bit behind schedule on that one so without further adieu here’s the tale.

Before our kitchen remodel, this was what our dining situation looked like.


We’d hung onto the table and chairs from our apartment days and it worked fine at the time but once we rearranged things, widened the kitchen space, and knocked out that wall (epic pic below) the rectangular table just didn’t seem to make sense.

IMG_2650So we snagged this guy from Ikea which we wrote about here.

IMG_4403As you can see from the picture above we just reused our old chairs while we searched for a better set. Something that actually “worked” in our new space.

Well, we finally found them (almost a year later).

Mudhut Perdana Dining Chair Set _ Target Set of 2These suckers (the mudhut perdana dining chairs) were just listed on target’s site and have the perfect mix of rustic and modern. And to top it all off, they are incredibly sturdy.

Affordable Rustic Chairs _ Mudhut Perdana Dining Chairs _ TargetWe think they contrast nicely with the floors and add some nice weight to the room. What do you think? Anybody else have these?

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