The Pink Palace


Before we bought our house whenever I heard the words, “The Pink Palace” I immediately thought of where we honeymooned.. In Maui, Hawaii we stayed at the Kaanapali Beach Club which was the most amazing pink-painted resort (I think this is my most favorite place in the world).


Unfortunately “The Pink Palace” slogan was slightly ruined when we became homeowners because of this:

Pink floor.. Pink wallpaper.. Pink tub.. Pink tile.. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pink hater but I prefer to wear pink and not shower in pink, walk on pink, and be surrounded by pink.

One random weekend, Josh had some umption in his gumption and decided to start ripping apart The Pink Palace. Before he started, he promised me that he’d have it done before my sister and brother-in-law were coming to stay with us the NEXT weekend. I still to this day don’t know why I believed him… maybe because I just love him so much.. or MAYBE he actually did finish it in one week flat. I’m not going to tell you yet :). Welcome to the first post in our Pink Palace transformation series… more to come!

PS – Since J & I use the master bathroom we actually don’t use this bathroom much. Seeing that we have no children of our own (yet), we joke that at this point we pretty much did this re-model for our adopted son, Chestnut ;). He really does enjoy chasing his tail in the tub.

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