The Day We Saved $450 (and not by switching to Geico)


This story starts out as a very happy story. But let me for warn you that it does not end happily. In fact, the ending to this post makes my heart hurt.

It ALL started at the beginning of the summer when we were shopping at one of our favorite home improvement stores (name remains anonymous as to not bash said store. But I’ll give you a hint.. it’s NOT Home Depot and their sign is blue….;) ) Josh and I both started drooling over an Allen + Roth 10×10 canopy/gazebo. The price was a bit steep for us at $798 so we agreed that maybe at the end of the summer we’d see it on sale.

(picture from here)

And we did… and we bought it… See the thing is, the gazebo was only $100 off at the end of the summer, but the nice man at the unnamed home improvement store said he’d give us 50% off the sale price if we took the floor model. So we inspected it, talked about it, etc. and decided to do it! We were already in love. The man said they would disassemble it for us and we could pick it up whenever we wanted! Josh was excited because it would come mostly put together..

We debated assembling it now or just storing it until spring, but I told Josh that incase we don’t love how it looks on our back patio then we could still return it but if we waited until spring, it’d be too late. So we pulled all the pieces out back and got to work.

In my head, I was already picturing this:

(picture from here)

And that’s when it happened… Our hearts were broken and our favorite home improvement store was immediately trumped by Home Depot. You see, we unwrapped two of the large pieces only to find out that  the end of one of the beams was nearly SNAPPED OFF!!!!! I assure you, it was not like this when we inspected it inch for inch in the store. So, not that I’m assuming… but I’m assuming that upon being disassembled, something went wrong and instead of TELLING US they WRAPPED IT UP SO WE COULDN’T SEE IT! Now, maybe I really shouldn’t assume the worst and just hope they didn’t realize it.. but it’s really hard to miss…

So we’re in a predicament. We don’t know if we should keep it, because technically it’ll still serve its purpose or we could just return it. If we do keep it, at the least we’ll be heading in there to share our story with the still unnamed store…

Have you had any major highs to majors lows in the home improvement process? Or thought you were getting an amazing deal only to realize it wasn’t that amazing after all? Which home improvement store of the two do you prefer?

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  1. In not very creative but I like the whole setup and would like to recreate it. May I ask for a close-up pic of the lamps hanging on the sides?

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