The Pink Palace: Inching On


Slowly but surely we moved onto day 2 of our 1960s bathroom remodel which, unfortunately,  did not actually take place on day 2… No, day 2 happened several weeks after demo day and set us wayyyyy behind schedule – aka the project was not completed in a week. So when my sister and brother-in-law came to stay with us that weekend we all took turns showering in our teeny master bathroom – sorry guys…

We needed to make some headway. So as soon as they left, J and I got back to work. Before we could do any painting or drywall repair the very pink, very old, very nasty, textured wallpaper had to go. I spent 2 days peeling away at sheets of old paper – scraping off remnants of glue and wallpaper backer.

Now, I know there are hundreds if not thousands of different ‘recipes’ for wallpaper removal, and admittedly we’ve tried quite a few, but none worked better than this (which is nice because it is pretty simple).

After all of the wallpaper was gone we stepped back for a second to take it all in. It was gorgeous. You may have disagreed…but for us, to see our bathroom slightly less pink, was priceless. – Then reality set in and we noticed how much damage there was to the walls. It looked like the previous owners had removed wallpaper once before and put the pink stuff up to cover the imperfections.

And that’s when we added skim-coating to Josh’s growing arsenal of youtube lessons.

So after watching 20 or 30 videos and learning that everybody had a different technique, he decided it was time to jump in and try them all. Surprisingly, it worked and only took an afternoon (but by now we were already on work day 4 or 5 – so time and deadlines had sort of just lost all meaning). This is what he did:

  • Lathered on a full bucket of joint compound
    • (get the stuff without quick dry solution especially if you’re a beginner to give you some time to fix and refine your work).
  • Used 12 inch drywall tape knife to spread it out over the entire damaged portion of the wall.
  • Spread it out about 1/8″ thick so that it covered the imperfections but could still blend in.
  • Feathered out the edges which made the skim-coating seamless
  • Used a sponge sander to level everything out and get rid of his (many) mistakes
    • (word to the wise, it’s better to leave a bump in your skim-coat then a dent. A bump can be sanded down which is a lot simpler than a dent which needs to be built up)
  • Prime

After the wallpaper and before the paint we decided to add one little (little is an understatement) thing to our list. You see, we had this magazine rack/toilet paper holder thing which was one of the oddest-most genius-ugliest-coolest-weirdest- most dated things in our house. And because we didn’t use it to hold any magazines (pic below was before we moved in so that magazine was the previous owners), it was pretty empty and pretty useless – it had to go. The downside of this decision was that it left a nice 1’x2′ hole in the wall… adding yet another skill to Josh’s growing skill-set.

He did a really good really quick job on this one. And once all of the patching was done, it was onto the painting.

I wanted a fun, bright color to go with our dark floors (which you’ll learn more about in the next post). Plus, most of the other walls in our home are dark/neutral so I needed just one space of POP! We tried a few different greens and finally decided to go bright and bold with this color:

Next up: Pulling that toilet off and laying the floor!


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  1. Thanks! Pretty much anything would be better than that pink wallpaper but we are definitely loving the green!!

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