The Pink Palace: Lights, Curtain, Reflection

So if you haven’t figured it out by now.. that promise that Josh made was long since gone and we really weren’t under much of a time constraint anymore. The whole re-do ended up taking several weeks. In fact… (debated not sharing this…) my sister and brother-in-law visited two more times with the bathroom still in a state of disrepair… (shame…) Good thing family loves unconditionally.

But NEXT time they come… we will finally have a complete bathroom.. Here are few more things we had to finish up before officially calling the bathroom D-O-N-E.

Part of the reason the process was dragged on so long was the vanities. We had trouble deciding between two single vanities or one double vanity. The double vanity we found was gorgeous but could only be found online and was wayyyyyy out of our price range.

So after much deliberation and several weeks of searching, we ended up going with the most affordable option. Two single vanities.

We bought two of these single 31″ Estate vanities at $216 each which was still about $1,400 cheaper than the alternative. And this included the cabinet and counter. All we needed to add were the faucets.

Another reason we were moving like turtles on this project (excuses, excuses…) was that once I found a shower curtain that made my heart flutter, it was on backorder and was going to take over 4 weeks to deliver…

This West Elm white and gray striped shower curtain was exactly what I was looking for but was a splurge for me costing about $50 with shipping. Once it was finally delivered I considered every penny worth it. Why was our shower curtain decision so important? One small confession… our shower is still pink. Maybe one day we’ll completely replace it or have it glazed, but for now, with the budget we were working with, it worked better just to cover it up. It’s an awesome shower in awesome condition so we can’t complain. What we can do, however, is cover it up with a gorgeous shower curtain.

While we waiting on the curtain to ship Josh decided to add base molding, window trim, and mitering to his ever growing list of diy skills. He ran up to Home Depot and bought a 10″ Ryobi miter saw, a Husky nail gun and compressor, and some very cheap pieces of molding to learn on. – We figured that although the initial purchase of tools would be expensive, having them on hand for future diy projects would save us tons of mulah in the long run. – Two days later, he had it down. He was making beautiful cuts and was ready to tackle the bathroom. It only took him about 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon to get everything sliced, cut, and installed. Here’s a little cropped down sneak peak.

Our next challenge was the lighting. You see, the original bathroom had 1 long mirror spanning 2 sinks with a single light on either side but now we planned on having 2 mirrors. The lights, in their current state, would just look off. We considered moving the junction boxes but did not want to tear the walls apart again. So we started looking for alternatives. Unfortunately, there weren’t a ton of options. And that’s when the light went off (proud of that pun 😉 ) – SWINGING ARM LIGHTS.

Typically used as adjustable bedroom lamps they’d allow us to center them over the mirrors in the bathroom. They’re not always seen as the most sophisticated lighting, especially since hotels are renowned for using them but we figured we’d give it a try and honestly, it worked! We plan to do a little bit of shade decorating to make them look a little less… boring. But here’s another sneak peak (wrapper is still on the shade).

With lights hung and shower curtain raised we were finally ready to move on to the next and final step – the mirrors. I’m hesitant to even say this on the off chance that you won’t believe me.. but yet another setback.. it took me at least 3 trips to IKEA over a six week period for them to finally have the mirrors (that we had fallen in love with online) in stock. The mirrors were tricky because of the whole lighting situation. We had to buy mirrors that fit exactly into the small space available between the counter top and the light fixture. The IKEA mirrors were the perfect size! And in true IKEA fashion, pretty cheap too!

This past weekend, Josh surprised me by hanging the mirrors.

AND ALAS!!! I feel as if this one week project clued us in to the fact that if you have a job, don’t have all the money in the world, and generally have a busy life, it is nearly impossible to finish a big project in a week. Maybe if we had paid to have it done or had the whole week off of work.. but it just wasn’t possible. I think this is the part where I’m supposed to say, “I was right honey” 😉 but after all the hours J put into that bathroom all I can say is “THANKS BABE!!” I’m loving our new bathroom and hope you enjoy these pictures of the finished product! Now, just as a disclaimer.. I am still shopping around for the perfect accents and accessories.

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    • It was tough but we cut it as close as possible to the shape of the tub and then caulked the gap.

      Hope that helps!


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