Christmas 2011


Before we really jump all the way into Christmas, we hope that everyone had a wonderful (and thankful) Thanksgiving. We are blessed to have the majority of our family within driving distance so it was a busy and eventful day. We started by going to Katie’s grandparents house for a Thanksgiving breakfast. Then off to her aunt & uncle’s house for a Thanksgiving lunch and then on to my family’s house for a Thanksgiving dinner. We decided to stop worrying about counting holiday calories shortly after breakfast. ­čÖé

And now, in true Josh fashion, onto Christmas.

As I mentioned in the last Christmas post, this has become somewhat of a tradition. We’re actually in the process of editing Christmas 2012 as we’re introducing you the the previous two years of our life.

Although brief, it’s fun documenting how our lives have changed, how we have changed, and capturing it all as a living memory.

In August of 2011 we moved into our first (and current) house so we decided to turn the second iteration of the video into a bit of a house tour meets Donnelly Christmas Time-lapse mashup. I mean, what would creating a new tradition be without refinement.

I’ts fun to look back and remember what a room looked like a year ago, or what our decorative taste was a year ago (or lack thereof). It also helps us appreciate the progress we’ve┬ámade (even though it doesn’t always feel like we’re making progress).

So without further adieu- enjoy.

Do you have any cool (or at least we like to think this one is cool) traditions? Thanksgiving traditions? Christmas traditions? All of the above? What are they?

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