I’m Dreaming of a White Kitchen

Did you sing the title of this blog post? Me too…

Not only was I singing, but I really am dreaming. I’m so thankful for a good size kitchen with all working appliances, but our kitchen is not so easy on the eyes. Brown and yellow… I don’t know about you but that’s not exactly what’s in my dreams.


What I do dream of is white cabinets… dark wood floors… tile backsplash… gray-ish counter tops… mmmmm…

We knew moving into this house that we wanted to completely gut the kitchen one day. We decided to replace all of our windows as a first big project about a year ago so we’ve been saving up since then for this kitchen. I really wanted to put the money into the kitchen first, but we figured in the long run the windows would be a better investment. The windows we inherited were OLD and pretty sure they would not be classified as ‘green.’ You could feel the cold coming through just standing next to them. But back to the kitchen.. Here’s our to-do list which we will hopefully be starting early spring:

1. Tear out cabinets and flooring (we’ll do that).

2. Tear out soffits and wall oven and then repair ceilings and walls along with plumbing and electrical work (we’ll pay someone to do that).

3. Lay new floor (we’ll do that too. We actually already bought the floor. More on that later 🙂 ).

4. Install new cabinets and appliances (Josh will do this……)

5. Install countertops (we’ll probably pay to have this done..)

6. Install backsplash (not sure if we’ll do this or not yet)

7. Sit and stare at my dream come true.

I’m convinced that once we re-do the kitchen I will probably want to cook, bake, and clean the kitchen floors more ;). We’ll be back with where we are at in the planning process soon!

2 Comments on “I’m Dreaming of a White Kitchen

  1. I like your progress thus far! It looks great! 🙂

    I love the pendant lights! 🙂

    I dream of black cabinets, they are beautiful!

    • Thanks Carrie! We talked about going dark at one point. Dark brown and solid black are gorgeous. We changed directions, though, when we realized the dark might make our small kitchen seem even smaller. We’re hoping the white opens things up a bit 🙂

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