Black Friday Floor Score


Remember how we’re dreaming of that white kitchen? Well, it’s slowly but surely becoming a reality. When it comes to our floor choice for the kitchen Josh & I went back and forth between a few options. Quite frankly I was ok with almost anything besides our current yellow tile-looking floor…


I think it’s even brighter (and uglier) in real life… We eventually decided we wanted some sort of dark floor for a nice contrast against the white cabinets we are hoping for. I loved the idea of a dark wood but J brought up a good point that since our dining room and office floors (right off the kitchen) are a lighter wood, it might look mismatched. Especially since those are genuine wood and we were thinking of a faux wood for the kitchen to keep the $$$$$ down.

We eventually made our minds up and were keeping our eyes peeled (hate that saying..) but had no intentions of buying our floors until the springtime. This brings us to Black Friday. We’re not really Black Friday people. I am a deal lover but I’m cool with getting deals from my couch online instead of the chaos. Later on in the day we did decide to head to the Home Depot that’s right around the corner to pick up some Christmas lights. While J was checking out I decided to walk down the front isle where all of the Black Friday specials were and stumbled upon this eye candy:

photo 3

And then I saw the sign flashing off that tempting price. I think I literally ran back to the checkout line to tell Josh and brought him back.

photo 2

Josh did some research on the floors on his phone making sure this was a good price and also read some great reviews on the floors. It’s a dark laminate floor and is a hand-scraped, thick-plank wood look so it has an awesome texture.

photo 1

We talked with an employee who let us know that it was a Black Friday deal but the price would continue until this pallet was sold out because the company would no longer be making this floor. Because of that we decided to sleep on it for a night and go back the next day to buy it if we were still thinking about the floors the next day. Sure enough.. we were. So we raced back to buy the floors. Josh measured out the square footage that we would need and planned for quite a bit extra because of the fact that we wouldn’t be able to order more if need be. Did I mention we’re also planning on putting this in our entryway and hallway leading to the kitchen? So we had to add in that square footage too. Our total coast came to about $400. Not bad for all new kitchen, entryway, and hallway flooring. We grabbed all that we needed, checked out, and headed to the car to load em’ up! And then… bum bum bum….. We had the car all loaded, closed the door, and it didn’t shut. Whoops.

photo 1 copy

Since we live close we decided to just tie the door up and drive real slow. I drove and Josh monitored the boxes making sure our precious floors didn’t end up in the middle of the road. Don’t worry, we made it home just fine.

photo 2 copy

Since we’re not starting the kitchen re-do right away we had to take all of the boxes upstairs to our ‘work room’ and by the end we were exhausted but still had the energy to lay out one package to see if the flooring would look ok next to the real wood.

photo 5

I don’t know about you.. but we LOVED it (keep in mind the actual final product will be staggered but this is the best we could do to help us visualize). We got to thinking afterwards that we should of tried out the floor BEFORE bringing it all upstairs. That would of been disappointing to hate it and then have to bring it all back down.. Good thing that wasn’t the case 🙂 We think the dark wood compliments the light wood really well and creates a nice contrast and the thick planks help set it apart.

So one step down in our kitchen progress. It makes it all start to feel a little more real.

What do you think? Have you had experience mixing and matching floor styles? We hope we’re moving in the right direction! 🙂

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