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As you know, we’ve been pretty busy in the basement recently. So much so, we haven’t had a tech post in quite awhile. Today, I aim to change that.

Remember Lockitron? The keyless entry project that we supported for our DIY smart home last year (man I’ve got to get used to saying that… hello 2013)? Well, just recently they partnered up with a new company that is producing a nifty little gadget – the Doorbot.

Doorbot_This Nest Is Blessed

The doorbot is a beautifully designed, simple, intelligent, doorbell with a built in camera that has the ability to communicate with your smartphone. It will also be fully integrated with the Lockitron meaning you can lock and unlock your door from within the app depending on who is at the door. Check out the video below to get an idea of how it will work.


Simply put, it’s an easy way to monitor your front door. See who’s at the door even when you aren’t home. Give the FedEx guy delivery instructions even when you aren’t home. Avoid people you don’t like 🙂 jk… mostly.

Katie and I have been out of a doorbell for awhile now. It was removed the week before we moved into the house and I haven’t replaced it because I haven’t been able to find one that I like. – That all just changed. Looks like I found yet another great project to back.

Ain’t much time left if your interested!! Only 2 days!

What do you think? Would you find something like this useful?

UPDATE: They hit their funding goal!

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