Windowless in December

When we moved into our house in August of 2011, we knew we were in for one heck of an adventure. Not only were we both first time home owners (and newly weds, and newly careers, and newly relocated, and newly…new to adult life) but we were also moving into a house that was stuck in the 60s (shag carpetwallapper and all). So the DIY adventure was just beginning… Mind you,before we began this adventure, the total extent of my DIY skills included stripping screws and poorly hanging pictures at our apartment. Aside from that? – I had a lot to learn. But hey, that’s the fun part, right? We’d get to make this old house our home.

We knew hoped that we’d be able to pull off little things like flooring, painting walls, tearing down wallpaper, refacing the basement, etc. And I really was learning quickly (as you can see from our journey here on the blog) but alas, I found my weakness, I was not about to attempt windows. No freaking way.

Why did we feel the need to replace our windows? Well, all 16 windows were the original windows. The front of the house was solid wood and the back of the house was aluminum. The solid wood windows were falling apart (a couple of them were even nailed shut) and the aluminum windows didn’t lock anymore and you could pretty much get a fairly accurate weather forecast simply by standing next to one. So we knew it was time. Plus the house was in a sort of limbo state after we painted.

We scouted out several local window companies to try and find the best price and Wallside Windows scored the gig. We signed on the dotted line, and scheduled our replacement for December 9.

Now, somewhere along the way I must have gotten so caught up in our overall excitement for new windows that I completely neglected to factor in Michigan’s bitter cold winters. It didn’t even cross my mind until the day they arrived and our house looked like this..

Window Replacement _ This Nest Is Blessed

Oh yeah, and because we had 9 guys running in and out of the house, one of us needed to be present to keep an eye on things and make a couple of last second decisions. Somehow I lucked out and ended up working in our home office which was directly next to this windowless hole. For some reason I thought they’d start and finish each room, not rip all of the windows at once!


But with my complaining aside, I cannot believe how quickly they knocked this project out. 8 hours later they they were packing up the truck and driving off into the distance. Leaving us with a beautiful updated exterior (not to mention the cozy, warm, air-tight, interior).

house_exterior_ This Nest Is Blessed

We love how the new windows give the house a fresh updated look. You might notice that we didn’t replace the 2 garage windows (the ones to the far right) or the front door this time around but we do hope to one day.

Needless to say, I’m glad I didn’t attempt this project on my own (it was actually considered at one point). What about you? Did you have windows done at your house? What do you think of vinyl windows? Would you ever consider a DIY window project?

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  1. Love the windows. We have replaced all of our windows (and since re-sided) and it made a huge difference. Vinyl is your friend when it comes to windows! Great job!

    • Thanks! We’re digging the vinyl! So easy to maintain. We also opted for windows that can be cleaned from the inside which makes life so much simpler! 🙂

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