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Closet Remodel: Part 2 | Part 3 |

We’ve been getting a lot done around here recently. Maybe it’s the cold that’s keeping us indoors, or maybe we’re just in project mode as we look forward to starting our kitchen re-do in the spring.

This project is something we talked about doing since the moment we moved in, but have made absolutely no progress on until last week. Meet our master closet:


You would think that J would of picked up a bit prior to taking the ‘before picture’ but he didn’t.. But I guess it helps to explain that our closet was not working for us. It’s a nice size, with two clothing racks on either side with a couple shelves on top of that. To us, there was too much wasted space.

We had two goals going into this project: 1. Inexpensive (this is pretty much an overarching theme of all of our projects 🙂 ) and 2. Not as much hanging space and more cubbies/drawers.

One route we could have taken, was the wood (we didn’t want those wire shelving systems) closet systems that you can find at Home Depot or specialty closet stores but that wasn’t quite in the price range we were going for and sometimes those just seem too fancy and overdone to me. We eventually decided on a plan which included our BFF expedit over at IKEA. Once we had our minds made up, the next step was demo. Which brings me to my next point that my husband is aammaazziinngg. He had a day off of work when I didn’t, and by the time I got home the closet was emptied, shelves were taken down, walls repaired, and everything painted.


There was some substantial holes from ripping down the built in shelves, but Josh used a little joint compound and a repair patch and the walls were good as new.




As you can see, the demo was quick. I was shocked at how huge the room looked once it was completely empty! We’ll be back soon with what came after demo!

Closet Remodel: Part 2 | Part 3 |

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