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Okay, the title of this series may not make sense just yet, at all actually, but I promise if you stick with us it’ll all come together!

If you’ve been with us awhile you may remember this post from the early days of our blog. If not, I suggest you check it out ūüôā It essentially laid out our vision to rethink the our 1964 Colonial’s floor plan. Now, when I say “rethink” I mean literally. No knocking down walls or doing any sort of REAL demolition… just using our imaginations.

It’s kind of crazy what a little out of the box thinking can do for you. So when we looked at this…


…we thought, “who says¬†that has to be the dining room?” or “who says that¬†has to be the living room?” Just because it was built with those intentions 50 years ago doesn’t mean we have to abide by them today! Besides, Katie and I are rebels (there may be an ounce or so of sarcasm in that statement). So we went a bit rogue up-in-her’. — But the rogue-ness didn’t happen for awhile, so let’s talk about how we got there. Prepare for flashback.

The day we moved into the house things were looking a bit… shall we say… dated?


So we got to work ripping up that carpet.

Living Room _ Carpet _ This Nest Is Blessed

As you can see (although I’m sure you’ve heard it all before) we found some pretty awesome hardwood floors underneath.

photo 6

We had already chosen a beautifully bold sherwin williams peppercorn gray as our living room color so we got to work painting and finishing the floors. I might mention, I cannot thank our family enough. They painted pretty much our whole house while Katie and I were at work. After several weeks our living room seemed like it was coming together. Sort of.

Painting Living Room _ This Nest Is Blessed

We didn’t quite realize just what was in store for this room. There is more to come as we document this somewhat crazy journey.

What pleasant surprises have you guys found in your house? I cannot tell you how ecstatic we were to find those hard wood floors buried beneath deteriorating carpet.

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

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