Dining in the Living Room | Part 2


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So you’ve seen where we started and where we’re headed but let me tell you we are nowhere near finished… This room has undergone quite a few changes over the course of the last year. We’d like to think they all have been for the better but we’ll let you guys be the judge of that.

The funny thing was, we didn’t really have much of a vision for this room. It seemed like a pretty straight forward space and the builder had labeled it a living room so of course, that is what it was!

You see, when we moved in, we didn’t have much of an imagination about things. We weren’t really into thinking outside of the box when it came to living spaces. So, although it’s hard for me to admit, I was ready to put our couch smack dab in the exact same place that the previous owners had. Lucky for us, I was on moving truck duty and Katie’s mom, sister, and one of her best friends were in the living room so they temporarily set things up and we were sold.

photo 10

photo 7

They had thrown together a few pieces of our old apartment furniture and it actually felt right. Notice the 2 expedit shelves along the window wall (where I was about to place a couch). They also put the piano in the opposite corner than I had planed  and it fit perfectly but we’ll get to the picture gallery and artwork another day.

photo 3 copyWe were fans. In fact, we loved it. We bought a couch cover to mask that crazy floral pattern but we thought that this was it, this was how we would live in our living room forever. – Not so.

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