Dining in the Living Room | Part 5

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So if you’ve been following along you know that we’ve arguably gone mad and decided to turn our living room into a formal dining room. Initially when we made this decision, we got comments from friends and family about how it could be kinda nuts that the dining room was no longer directly off of the kitchen but this was quickly debunked when we realized that people wander during dinner parties anyway so if people are in every room… what does it matter?

So with everything pretty much in place  there were only 2 major things left to do. 1 figure out what would go along this empty wall and 2 hang a chandelier to anchor the table in place and make it feel more official.

planning_This Nest Is Blessed

For the empty wall we figured a china cabinet was in order. Unfortunately we still haven’t found the perfect piece. Admittedly, we’ve been a bit picky. So, in the interim, we turned one of the black Expedits seen here on it’s side and use it as a temporary china cabinet shelf. Sure, you could say we’ve gone a bit Expedit crazy recently but remember this is temporary. These things are so freaking useful! – And not too shabby if you ask me 🙂

China_Cab_Thing_Expedit_This Nest Is Blessed

While this china…thing is cool, the chandelier was the icing on the cake. But we literally just tackled this project last week so I’ll explain all the details in tomorrow’s post. In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know what you’ve been up to and check out our journey at the links below.

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