Dining in the Living Room | Part 7


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If you’ve been following along on our living-room-to-dining-room-makeover-journey-thing, you know that we’ve come a long way since day one:

day1_This Nest Is Blessed

It’s almost embarrassing that we ever thought we could just get away using the same layout as the previous owners. This project taught us a ton about thinking outside the box and it really goes to show that a little imagination goes a long way. It’s funny that this redesign of our floor plan took no major construction effort whatsoever. We didn’t hire an architect,  we didn’t knock out any walls, we didn’t even have to patch any drywall. We simply thought about things a little differently. And by doing so, we were able to create a more functional, beautiful, and desirable layout for our needs.

Here’s a little recap of what we went through to make it all happen:

Ripping Up Carpet _ This Nest Is Blessed

Black Expedits _ This Nest Is Blessed


Ikea_Window Seat _ This Nest Is Blessed

  •  Realized we didn’t use the living room at all and had a bit of a revelation. —- (thanks to P&R for taking this pic! check out their blog!)

Eureka  _ This Nest Is Blessed

Living Room to Dining Room _ This Nest Is Blessed

Sorta kinda but not really _ China Cabinet _ This Nest Is Blessed

diy_mason jar chandelier _ This Nest Is Blessed

When you add all of that together, stick it in a blender, and turn that blender on high (and leave it on over the course of a year) you get the finished product.


Dining Room with Chandelier _ This Nest Is Blessed

And here’s a little before and after action:

Before_After_Living Room_Dining_Room _ This Nest Is Blessed

We hope you guys enjoyed this journey as much as we have. It’s been nuts and we’ve totally learned never to say the dreaded “C” word (complete) because it seems as if a room is never actually finished just forever on-its-way. So now it’s your turn to let us know what you think! They say that we grow out of our imaginations… I say that is false, it just evolves. Let us know how you’ve been thinking outside the box? Dreaming up new ways to look at your house? Breaking down the barriers that a blueprint has defined. A living room doesn’t have to be a living room just because a builder in 1964 said so. It’s our house now. We’ll gladly make it our home. 🙂

Update: Check out our entry to East Coast Creative’s CWTS!

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11 Comments on “Dining in the Living Room | Part 7

  1. oh wow – I love this!! I think we painted our bedroom that colour grey. You should totally submit this to YHL….I could totally see them featuring this on their site. Great job guys!

    • 🙂 Thanks!

      The grey is one of our favorites! I could see it being awesome in a bedroom!

    • Thanks Beth! – It’s definitely much more functional now than it ever was as a living room.

  2. Josh, your mom sent me your blog link and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm and energy you guys have put into your lovely home along with all of yours and Katie’s wonderful creativity. It is delightful!

    • Thanks! It’s definitely been quite the trip learning all of this as we go. But looking back, man is it fun.

      Thanks for reading!


  3. Came to your site from YHL…and congrats, your place looks great!

    Just one question, if you don’t mind: The candles idea looks great; but how easy is it to turn them on and off?


    • Thanks for reading, N! To be honest turning them on and off sucks. But the chandelier’s main purpose was decor/anchoring of the table rather than actual light. So we never really planned to use it all that often.

      That said, we DO plan to upgrade them to a set of remote control battery operated tea candles that we found on amazon. That way, on and off can happen with the flick of a switch.

      Glad you stopped by 🙂


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