Our New Kitchen…Sorta


Our New Kitchen…Sorta _ This Nest Is Blessed

Easter weekend was just the break I was looking for. It had been a long week (even though I only worked through Thursday) and I was ready to sit on our comfy family room sectional with a cup of tea in hand and episode after episode of Law and Order running in the background – but wifey had other plans.

You see, little did I know remember that she had the entire following week off (I know, right? One of those teacher perks) and she apparently had a bit of umption in her gumption. 

As you know, we’ve been talking about doing our kitchen, planning our kitchen, and readying ourselves for the big bill of purchasing our kitchen when the 20% off sale went live. We knew the time was coming when we would  have to front the dolla dolla bills to Mr Ikea and for Katie that time was Friday morning. We were both pretty excited as we stepped foot into the only Ikea here in Michigan and walked up to the Kitchens display with our designs in hand.

Of course the place was hopping (Again — Only. Ikea. In. Michigan…) and the wait was about an hour just to talk to somebody. So we waited, shopped, grabbed lunch, and made our way back to the designer station. We handed over our concept and got some great feedback which led to a couple of minor changes and somehow between changes, conversation, and purchase 3 hours passed. But in the end we signed on the dotted line and were out.

This Nest Is Blessed _ Signing at Ikea

When all was said and done the entire kitchen cost us a whopping $4,500 which was mere pennies (slight exaggeration considering how much it still hurt to spend that kind of money) compared to our Home Depot estimate.

Kitchen Remodel Cost _ This Nest Is Blessed

The best part? All the cabinets were being delivered the next morning. IKNOWRIGHT?!

I freaked out a bit though when we were told to expect 247 packages. The good news was that a bag of screws and hinges counted as a package so it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought.

Here is a pic of our living room after the 20 minute delivery. 15 cabinets and 3 pantries. Not too shabby.

Ikea Cabinet Delivery _ This Nest Is Blessed

Now to put it all together…

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