Oven Oven On The Wall


If you’ve been following along, you know we just finished removing all the old base cabinets. All except for the ones built out of drywall that is.


This beast of a wall was still standing in our way. Now, I’m pretty sure this post is going to get me in trouble with Katie’s Nana who adamantly emphasized how much we’d miss it, and we may, but we just couldn’t stand how much space it ate up in our kitchen. So… I’m sorry Nana but in my defense, it was Katie who took the first swing.


Then I jumped in and started tearing things apart.



Once I worked my way into the middle I was able to loosen the oven and remove it. Surprisingly, the oven was lighter than the giant microwave we had removed a couple of days earlier.


Make sure you check at the top of structures such as these first to be sure that none of the pieces are supporting anything that could collapse on you. Also, probably a good idea to make sure they aren’t load bearing beams that could result in the house losing its stability. Both of those checked out for us so I rammed, pulled, sawed, hammered, and eventually it began taking shape. Or taking un-shape. Or well, you know what I mean.


Don’t mind the kitty litter and globe you see sitting in the hole where the oven used to be… That was our hillbilly effort at keeping Chestnut from exploring. He kept trying to hop up there and dive behind the drywall. Not cool.

Also, usually demolition means in order to remove one thing you must demolish another. Lucky for us that “other” was the soffit which we wanted to get rid of anyway. We had a couple of hours to spare before spending this Sunday afternoon (I know, we choose the worst times to get projects done) with our family so I got to work, trying to make the most of our time.


And that is when we noticed… HUGE BUMMER!


There’s a pipe from the bathroom above with an elbow poking its way into the soffit. It is the ONLY issue we ran into removing all three soffits so we will find a way to work around it. We’ve got some ideas that we’re toying around with but input is always welcome. Got any suggestions? Ever seen this dealt with in a creative way before? We’d love to hear form you.

Oh and after a bit more elbow grease we got it worked down to nothing. See below:




Boom. Gone.


Tell me the truth, would you have kept that oven wall? I get that it’s convenient but we wanted that open space 🙂

Update: I keep forgetting to include this but —- Don’t forget to check out the other parts of this journey. It might help the story you just read make a bit more sense: The First PlanThe Revised PlanThe DeliveryAnd So It BeginsUpper CabinetsCounters, lower cabinets.

4 Comments on “Oven Oven On The Wall

    • Haha! So true, that globe adds some great accent color.

      We’re pretty pumped to see what’s to come as well 😮
      Here’s to hoping everything starts falling into place.

      Thanks Kacey!

  1. I would have probably done the same thing! We recently tore down a wall in the bathroom that used to house a stackable washer dryer. I guess it is more convenient to have it on the same floor, but there is a hook up in the basement and really…dont most bathrooms need the space?

    I love demo! Im looking forward to seeing how yours progresses! Also I cannot WAIT to do this to our (pink!) kitchen.


    • I hear ya! – I love demo too. It’s kind of crazy when you realize how much space was wasted in some of these older homes!

      We had a pink bathroom. So we know how painful pepto bismol colored rooms can be…

      By the way, 8 layers of paneling sound awful!!!


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