Going Halfsies

half wall header Half walls, they make no sense. It’s like a wall, but only half of it. Since the day we moved in, I wanted to move this thing but Katie disagreed. She thought that one day when we have children this would be a great area to gate off (on the family room side) and let them roam free. But I couldn’t stand how separated the rooms felt from each other. So after much convincing and persuading (aka caving and agreeing to let Katie pick out her dream sectional for the family room) we were in business.


I was already in demo mode after completing the oven wall so I marched my way over to the half wall (which luckily has no electricity, plumbing, or HVAC, running through it) and began pounding out the drywall.


Then I pried my way through.


IMG_2632Not gonna lie, this was kind of fun.


I didn’t want to ruin the drywall in the family room so I attempted to splice it with a blade in the exact spot I wanted it to break. And although I made a somewhat minor error, the majority came off clean and easy.


Then I kicked the wall down.. Wait for it… Wait for it…

Boom. (wannabe) Epic.


And that was that. The wall was removed. In the end, Katie agreed that this was the right decision. It opened things up and connected the two living spaces.


Have any of you guys ever seen a good use of a half wall? Do they ever make sense? Or have you removed one of your own? Let us know! We won’t bite. Promise.

Check out some of the other kitchen posts to help give you an idea of what the heck we’re doing: The First PlanThe Revised PlanThe DeliveryAnd So It BeginsUpper CabinetsCounterslower cabinets, oven.

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