Pantry Raid


We tore out all of the remaining drywall soon as we realized that most of it was destroyed from the old tiles anyway and finally got the kitchen as far as we were willing to take it. Call us wimps but we didn’t want to tackle the pantry on our own due to the potential risk of collapsing the pocket door (there are no studs running through a pocket door wall).


And, like clockwork, Chestnut attempted to steal the limelight from the pantry.


Everything else was plumbing and electrical which we do not recommend messing around with unless you know what you are doing. Plumbing you can play around with but wiring is a whole different story.

So our contractor came in on Thursday last week and in that single afternoon, put all of my hard work to shame. I would meticulously figure out how to remove each piece and take hours doing it. These guys came in and in a matter of a couple hours had the pantry and the ceiling completely cleared out and ready for the plumber and electrician.


Apologies in advance for this awful picture. I will update with a better one as soon as we have it… :p


Now we wait…

But we’ll keep you guys posted! In the meantime check out some of our efforts leading up to this: The First PlanThe Revised PlanThe DeliveryAnd So It BeginsUpper CabinetsCounterslower cabinetsoven, half wall.

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  1. It is always so funny to me to watch a professional do the same job that you would do – they know exactly what to do and they are SO fast.

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