The List


It may seem like the steps to remodeling a kitchen are pretty straight forward. And most of them are. But when you’re in the heat of the moment not everything is as obvious as it seems. So we started this entire process (the day before we did this) with a simple list. Don’t judge the pink.


1) Clear Cabinets

2) Remove Linoleum Tiles

3) Remove Upper Cabinets

5) Remove Stove

6) Remove Countertops

7) Remove Lower Cabinets

8) Remove Soffits

9) Remove Oven Wall

10) Remove Half Wall

11) Remove Pantry

12) Complete Electrical (contracted)

13) Install New Drywall (contracted due to timing)

14) Install Quarter Turn Sink Valves (contracted)

15) Install Gas Line for Range (contracted)

16) Repair Subfloor

17) Repair Half Wall area

18) Install Cabinets

19) Install Floating Floor

20) Install Countertops

21) Install Tile

22) Finishing Touches

Now mind you, not everything is on here. We found there were a few things we didn’t see coming – like building a frame for the Ikea cabinets to sit on (more on that in a future post). But having a list really helped us keep our heads straight and our priorities grounded during the renovation (which we are still in the process of).

Are you a list maker or do you just tackle projects as you see fit?

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