Farewell Kitchen Hello..Drywall


Okay, so it’s been a couple of days since our last progress update and we know you’re eager to see how things are coming along- trust me, so are we. Why the delay? Well, in true renovation form things have been inching along on the contractor end of things but we’re hoping to see a wrap up this week and have a nice clean box of a canvas to work with this weekend.


After tearing the pantry out we decided to have the electrical done (you know, since the walls were ripped wide open and all). Our electrician was awesome. He came over around 3p and was done by 7p. Because the soffits hid the majority of the electrical wiring we needed him to bury all of the wires. We also needed him to add an outlet for the microwave.

Here’s a look at how the wires were run before being tucked away.


We also learned that most modern kitchens have outlets spaced out roughly every 2 to 4 feet along the countertops. So we went ahead and added another 3 outlets along the counters and a plug for the range hood. We also had him install 2 light boxes instead of can lights so that we could easily drop pendant lights above the peninsula.

Here was our game plan:

Outlet Photo

And even though we are planning on installing a gas range, we decided to keep the 220 line just in case we ever wanted to switch back (or in case future owners wanted it). So we had them convert raw wires to an outlet.


Somehow we ended up with 2 220s though… One was there from the wall oven… oh well. There will be a cabinet covering that one.

Outlet Photo 2

So yes, things are inching along but… hold your breath no longer… we finally got the drywall up!

outlet photo 3

It’s ┬ástarting to look more like a kitchen room again. Now we need to wait for them to mud… Then it’s back to the DIY agenda.


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  1. Good Progress! The behind the scenes stuff always feels long – but it’s important! Haha you know, if you want electricity in your kitchen and all.

    • LOL. So true! We’re getting there…. slowly (seems live very slowly) but surely!!!!

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