Some Last Second Decisions


If you recall in our initial layout post  our peninsula was going to be pretty short and would look something like this.


It was literally just one 30″ base cabinet butted up against the 37″ lazy susan. We thought that this would help keep the room feeling open and spacious but would still give us that useful counter space that we used all the time. Especially with company over. It makes for a great serving bar.

So all this planning, what could go wrong? Well, as soon as we drew it out on the floor and began setting things up, the peninsula felt lopsided. Unbalanced.

And to top it all off, we realized that the 12″ cabinet we were throwing in to the right of the dishwasher was going to push things out further than expected. Don’t get me wrong, I knew exactly how many inches it would extend the area. The problem came when I walked around to the other side and realized that we would never be able to fit a chair let alone center a table in the little nook area.


Naturally, I freaked out for about 10 minutes. Then after breathing into a paper bag (slight exaggeration) I realized that these two issues were actually perfect! We could could solve both problems by moving one cabinet – the 12 incher.

12 inch base

We decided that instead of using it here


We would instead use it here


IMG_2737 copy

This would both shorten the protrusion into the nook area and extend the dinky looking peninsula. Perfect!

Though, now something didn’t seem balanced about the cabinets themselves. I couldn’t figure it out but Katie suggested moving the 12 incher to the end of the peninsula. Bada bing bada boom (always wanted to say that) it worked!

IMG_2738 copy

Oh yeah, I’m diggin’ it. And apparently so is Chestnut… as he howls at the moon.

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