Drop the Base


Okay…fine… that’s not the kind of bass we were dropping but come on, that was fun, wasn’t it? – Ours was a little less exciting but just as intense but we’ll get to that… let’s jump back for a second.


Getting the pantry done first was awesome for a couple of reasons.

1) It was nice to get those gigantic Ikea boxes out of the way

2) We were able to begin organizing some of the clutter that had started taking over the office and the dining room

3) It was good practice for setting the rest of the cabinets

So now let’s get down to business. We started by setting our lumber boxes in place, leveling them out, anchoring them down, and fastening the particle board platform on top.


The good news is that this was supposed to be the hardest part. Once the lumber boxes were level we’d be good to go installing the cabinets (come to find out I screwed up and we still ended up having to shim the cabinets a bit) but it wasn’t too bad.

I put the cabinets in place based on the new layout we talked about in this post.

IMG_2927 IMG_2891

Now, since the odds of hitting a stud ever time we screwed a cabinet to the wall was pretty slim to none I decided to swap out the Ikea fasteners for these puppies.

wall anchors

Drywall anchors rated at 100 lbs each. So I continued laying the base cabs, securing them to the wall with the anchors/the Ikea screws (you know, for the 2 times studs were actually there) and suddenly the kitchen began taking shape.


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