High and Mighty


Getting pictures ready for this post really reminded me how far we’ve come since day one on this kitchen renovation. Kind of helps ease the pain when you see the difference (even though we’re still under construction).

Here is where we started.

Kitchen Before

With the bases set we were ready to begin installing the uppers.

Brief word of wisdom: DO NOT INSTALL WITH DOORS ATTACHED. The cabinets are heavy enough as is. The doors just make things that much more difficult.

Katie and I decided to go with 39″ cabinets to give the kitchen more of a grandiose type look with the cabinets touching the ceiling. That said, I wasn’t all too sure how the installation would work so I decided to start the uppers in the easiest place possible – the single 15×39 to the left of the range.

15 Inch CabinetSome quick measurements and a hacksaw cut later and I had the mount installed.


Then I just lifted the cabinet in place hooked it onto the bolts and tightened everything down. And voila! We had ourselves a cabinet.

(yes, that is crown moulding on top of the cab. Good news, it fit!)


Then you just slap the door into place and that seals the deal. (excuse the focus… )


Now, mind you, I’ve been avoiding having to deal with this little guy for quite some time. Mostly because I still wasn’t sure how I was going to tackle that pipe. So I decided to put it off just a little bit longer.




Instead, I jumped straight into the cabinets between the two windows.


Same deal as before – I installed the bracket, mounted the cabinets, and put on the doors. Here is what that process looked like. I must admit, I love how it all came together!





Pretty awesome, right? We love how open and airy the glass cabinets make everything feel. Now to figure out what I’m going to do about that pipe…

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