Kitchen Floor. Yellow No More.


After all of the chaos of the renovation and being kitchenless for over 2 months it felt good to have everything back together.



We now had a working sink, a functioning dishwasher, a connected gas range, a fully stocked refrigerator (finally with things that weren’t just microwave ready), countertops, and organized cabinets. So it stung a bit when I decided to tackle the floors because it meant moving everything and being semi-kitchenless all over again.


Remember this past winter when we scored an awesome deal on high-durability hand scraped hickory laminate flooring?

photo 2

We were fed up just “thinking” about the best time to put them in and just got down to business Monday night.

After reading tons of reviews on the best underlayment for our project, we settled on Robert’s Premium Felt.

Robert's Premium Felt Underlayment

After finishing the basement floors I decided that I wanted to use something a bit sturdier/stronger than the traditional foam and this stuff had amazing reviews. So we went for it. Most Home Depots don’t carry this in store so we ordered it ahead of time.

One thing to note is that this stuff is strong and I mean STRONG. While the foam stuff slices like butter with a utility knife this stuff either doesn’t even tear or shreds to bits. So I went out and bought a (more than I wanted to spend) $10 utility scissors which gave us more control and did the job. Only issue, I’m a lefty and scissors never work right for me so Katie handled ALL the cutting and installing.


With both of us working in the kitchen things went pretty quickly. After only a few hours Monday/Tuesday night we were in business. And by “in business” I mean making headway but still have a lot to do.



Have I mentioned that the felt cushion is soft but firm? Clearly Chestnut loves it.


The floor looks gorgeous up close:


We kept walking around looking at the kitchen from different angles trying to envision what it would look like once it was done. So we did the same thing for you guys.

Here’s a cropped down photo that gives the illusion of a completed kitchen. Pretty slick looking, right? We love it. The dark floor with the light cabinets and countertop (and eventual back splash) seems like the perfect balance. What do you think?

Our floors have gone from this…

Square Tile Removal _ This Nest Is Blessed

To this!


More to come!

8 Comments on “Kitchen Floor. Yellow No More.

  1. Hi, Josh, I’m getting ready to start my SECOND Ikea kitchen. When I did the first one we put the cabinets right up against the ceiling. Now this time I want to add crown, which is what it looks like you’re going to do. How did you figure out how much lower to put the cabinets? And do you need to add blocking for the crown to sit against? I know you nail it up to the ceiling – do you nail it down to the cabinets? Your kitchen looks fabulous!

    • Hi there Carol!
      I actually read through this pdf that is buried somewhere on Ikea’s website and found that they recommend hanging “to the ceiling” wall cabinets 92 5/8″ from the floor.

      So what I did was measure that distance, marked it, then measured from the mark to our ceiling and made sure that there was at least a 1 1/8″ gap for the deco strip molding.

      Remember that ceilings are far from consistent and are almost never level so measure a couple of areas. Larger gaps can be closed with caulk.

      As for how to attach it, we haven’t gotten there just yet but my plan is to use a brad nailer and pin it up through the inside top of the cabinets.

      Hope this helps.
      Let us know how it goes!


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