Finally, A Place To Sit And Eat


As we mentioned in the previous post, there was a bit of chaos in the kitchen last week. In order to lay the floors a lot had to move. By Wednesday, I had only one goal – finish floor under fridge so that we could put that giant hunk of metal back in place. You know, ’cause it was throwing off the feng shui and all.


It was a late night but by 11:30p wednesday night we had the floor finished under the fridge and everything back in place.

Now time to tackle the rest of the space.


You see, Katie was out of town Thursday and Friday so while I was a down a helping hand, I also was excited to surprise her with finished floor when she returned.

I pretty much worked endlessly each night but by Friday I had things looking pretty solid. This is the picture I sent to Katie to give her a taste of what things would be like when she got back.


Then I ran out to our favorite store – IKEA – to make a couple of returns and purchase this round table that we had been eyballing for quite some time now.


I got it home and quickly unwrapped it and began putting it together. Again, trying to get it put together in time to surprise Katie (who was now on her way home).




I did the whole Ikea thing where you try to do the whole thing without directions to spare yourself a man-card then end up caving and sitting down to look through each step. Huh… funny how when you go through and read (or look in Ikea’s case) step by step, things actually make a bit more sense. So I got back to work this time with a bit more know-how.

Then, literally minutes before she walked through the door I tightened the last bolt and had everything ready(ish) when she got home.


Over the coarse of the next few days we put the backing on the peninsula, cleaned things up, and are now working on all those random odds and ends that needed finishing.

Here’s a few pics of where we’re at right now. Still not done. But getting there…

IMG_3486 IMG_3489 IMG_3493 IMG_3501

Here’s a little reminder of where we started:

Kitchen Before

What do you think? It’s come a long way from where we started. Almost there. Almost there…

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  1. Love it! Lots of hard work yourselves and so much money saved!

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