Hey Batten, Batten Batten…


The next step on our mission to unify the floors from the entryway to the kitchen was to actually lay the floor itself. So we got to work as soon as we had the new subfloor in place.



The whole process surprisingly went really quickly and only took us about a day and a half to complete.


We love the way that laying the planks horizontally through the hallway creates the illusion of a wider hallway.





You can also tell from those pictures why we wanted to make the rooms flow seamlessly together rather than having so many different floor styles running through the center of the house.

Then after we had the floors down we started yet another project that we weren’t sure if we were going to do – board and batten.

For this we used pre-primed 1×4’s from HD, spread them out evenly on the wall, and tacked them on with a brad nailer.


IMG_3609Katie then painted the top SW Knitting Needles Grey which matches the kitchen.




Then, just as it seems like everybody has been doing these days, we painted the drywall white to look like “board” without actually installing any board to go along with our batten and It worked out nicely.



And the end product looks a little something like this:

IMG_4171 IMG_4173 IMG_4175

What do you think? Good decision? Coming together? Starting to look like a house again? What would you have done differently?

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