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First of all, thank you to everyone who has diligently followed our kitchen remodel journey. We appreciate the feedback, tips, suggestions, and overall response we’ve had.

Fair warning: if you’ve followed the whole journey you may have seen a bunch of these pics but bear with us. The reveal is coming. But let’s take a step back and see how far we’ve come.

When we first visited the house, before it was actually ours, the kitchen looked a bit like this:Β 


Then we inhabited it. Changed out a chandelier or two and a couple of can lights for pendant lights and ended up with this:


Did this new setup work for us? Sure. But it always felt temporary. I mean, we didn’t have a ton of storage space, organization was an after-thought, and things just felt old. So we began tearing it apart.

IMG_2412 IMG_2502 IMG_2377

And even more tearing apart

IMG_2538 IMG_2591IMG_2999

Then we began to rebuild. To make the space our own.

IMG_2927 IMG_2938

We chose beautiful LG Hi-Macs countertops with an integrated single basin sink.

Solid Surface Frame Blending

We laid the new floor over the course of a week and decided to run it into the entry way as well.




Then, as we mentioned in our last post, it was time for allΒ most of the finishing touches: Backsplash, trim, crown, etc:


And sooooo when you put all of these pictures into a pot, heat it up, stir it all together, and let it sit for 4-5 months you get (drumroll and all that jazz):

Kitchen_Range Kitchen_Fridge Wall kitchen_coffee station

My favorite part ^^^^ #coffeeaddict

kitchen_sink angle kitchen_sink

Sure we still have a few things to wrap up like actually connecting the electrical for the range hood and putting a couple missing drawer pulls on but other than that I think we’re just about finished.

And what would a post like this be without a little side-by-side before and after action:

Before & After Range Side

While the process wasn’t near as quick or smooth as we had hoped it was about as tiresome as we figured. We’re just glad to have it (mostly behind us). What do you think? Any future suggestions? We still have decor to deal with now. Oh and new curtains we’re thinking something to match that table runner with a little bit of yellow and a touch of gray. Any recommendations?

27 Comments on “Our New Kitchen

    • Thanks Curt! It’s been a long time coming but it’s cool looking back and seeing just how our vision has unfolded.

      Thanks for reading!

  1. It looks great! I know y’all have worked hard but we have enjoyed watching the process. Can’t wait to see what is next.

    • Thanks Mike! I do love the look of Ramsjo but these are Lidingo. We liked that it was a tad more traditional looking.

      • Good choice πŸ™‚ Like Caron, we’re in the middle of our renovation, and things are starting to come together. It’s funny how getting countertops in or the kitchen faucet becomes so exciting lol

      • Haha! Sadly, I know exactly what you mean. We flipped out when we got drywall again! :p

  2. WOW. That looks fantastic. We are in the middle of tearing apart our kitchen and it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your kitchen remodel gives us hope. Thanks.

    • Thank you!

      It was definitely a long and slightly overwhelming project. Heck, at one point I told Katie we should just up and sell the house. But it can be done!

      Share some pics with us when your done!

  3. Love the remodel. I also had the separate stovetop and oven and I want to move cabinets to combine them. I didn’t notice where you put the microwave did you just get a freestanding rather then a wall mount? Also what color did you paint the walls? Its beautiful! Sometimes colors are of in pictures is it a blueish gray, grayish beige, etc?

  4. Are you still liking your countertops? We just picked out the same one coincidentally!

    • Congrats! Let us know what you think when you get them installed!

      We love the countertops! Easy to keep clean, low maintenance, and pretty dern durable.

      Honestly, would prefer these over granite any day.


  5. I’m getting ready to do a Lidingo remodel as well and I’m considering a coffee bar. I’ve been struggling with where to put the microwave. Is your coffee bar standard base cabinet depth?

    • Hi Emily! I’d highly recommend the coffee bar. It was one of the best decisions we made in our kitchen and we use it every day.

      Our microwave is in the coffee bar and I couldn’t be happier with it’s placement. It is out of the way but still usable.

      Our coffee bar cabinets are actual half cabinets so rather than being 24″ deep, they are only 12″.

      It took some searching to find a microwave that would fit perfectly but we ended up finding one at best buy for a decent price.

      Let us know how your remodel is going! We’d love to see some pics!

  6. Hey, I just found you guys via young house love. I must say you did a beautiful job on your kitchen!! Next thing on my list: dive deeper into your blog πŸ™‚
    Much love, Erik

  7. Love your Kitchen renovation, looks amazing well done πŸ™‚
    We have just installed a lindigo (off white) kitchen also. I am now having trouble choosing our backsplash and on my google search found your blog and kitchen. I’m wondering what colour your subway tile is? White? Or an off white to match the lindigo cupboards?
    I would really love a white subway tile with grey grout alot like your kitchen but I am worried a white tile will be to much with the off white cupboards.

    Thank you!!!

    • Thanks Kasey! Our backsplash is actually pure white and it looks awesome alongside the lidingo cabinets.

      To be honest, we didn’t even have to search too hard for some good, high-quality subway tiles either. Home Depot has these guys and they are awesome. They were incredibly affordable compared to the other ones we had eyeballed and we have been extremely happy. Check them out here: http://www.homedepot.com/p/U-S-Ceramic-Tile-Bright-Snow-White-Brick-12-in-x-12-in-x-6-mm-Ceramic-Mosaic-Tile-U072-12M/203223650

      That said, definitely go though each box and make sure that you don’t have any chips or scratches in the tiles.

      Congrats on your new kitchen! Would love to see some pics. πŸ™‚

      Josh & Katie

  8. Hi there! I really love your remodel. We are looking at one of our own…can I ask which HI MACS color you went with? And how are you liking the counters now? They look wonderful in the photos. Thanks,


    • Thanks Allison! We’re still really digging these countertops. Like literally we’d choose them over granite any day. The color we have is ‘cotton dust’.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

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