So here’s the deal. There’s this awesome website called Quirky that allows everyday people to take a stab at innovation. Then they help bring your idea to life. Cool, eh? Yeah, we thought so too.


And as you know, I (Josh) am pretty dern obsessed with technology. Specifically smart home tech.

Well, how cool would it be if your home could sense carbon monoxide or water leaks and immediately react to those senses? Pretty cool. And that’s where CRANK comes in.

CRANK is the name of our submission that empowers your home to take care of itself even when you aren’t there.

Automated Water and Gas Line Valve

The idea behind crank is this… the device hops onto your wifi network and connects to other smart devices that Quirky has on the market (or coming to market) like Spotter which has the ability to notify you of water leaks, motion, etc and a smart Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector that’s expected to hit shelves soon.

But what good is a digital notification of a flood, or of a carbon monoxide leak, if you can’t do anything about it?

CRANK is a small device that would fit directly over the valve of your houses main water or gas line. If/when one of your other devices senses a leak (gas or water) CRANK would then crank (get it? so witty…) the valve to the off position. Saving you costly damage and perhaps even saving lives.

CRANK Water Line and Gas Line Automated On Off Valve

So why are we telling you about this? Well, if you truly think it’s a decent idea, we’d love it if you headed on over to our link to vote. We need a minimum of 200 to be considered! 🙂

Here’s the link: http://www.quirky.com/invent/745752/

Voting is simple. If you do not already have a Quirky account you can create one in like 3 seconds using Facebook or 5 seconds using an email address. Then simply click the vote button and you’re done.

I’m a huge fan of the business model behind Quirky. Empowering users to come up with creative solutions to everyday issues. So, even if you don’t vote for us, check them out and submit an idea!


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