Film Friday: Day 365 (2 days late..)

So it’s not Friday anymore.. but I didn’t want to wait until next week to share this with you all since I promised it on the last Film Friday. Here is our house tour 365 days later…! Do you notice a difference?! 🙂

PS – we normally don’t keep that bed frame in our living room, but we were given it as a gift from my grandparents and it hasn’t quite made it upstairs yet. You’ll see it again when we finally get around to setting up our second guest room.

Can’t wait to give you a more in-depth breakdown of each of these rooms!

Our Life: LBI 2012

Josh’s family and extended family have all gathered for a family vacation every summer on Long Beach Island, NJ for many, many years. I was ecstatic to join that tradition and have been four times now! We just returned Friday night after the thirteen hour drive home. I took some video that I’m hoping Josh will edit together for me (hint, hint Joshy 🙂 ) but for now, here are some pictures and a recap from our trip.

Here’s the FIAT all packed up and ready to go. Everyone said we weren’t going to be able to fit two weeks worth of vacationing in there, but we did!!

Basically once we got there we spent the entire time eating amazing food, sitting on the beach, and spending time with family.

We tried a few new places this year, one of which is The Holiday Snack Bar. We went for lunch and had delicious burgers there with Josh’s brother.

They also had really good milkshakes 🙂

Here we are at Yo Baby Cakes, a self serve frozen yogurt joint on the island. 

We did decide to do one special thing this year.. Parasailing!! We’ve been wanting to do it for a long time now. Let me tell you, it was simply the best. I was freaking out before hand and thought it was going to be a wild ride, but it ended up being so relaxing and peaceful. We paid a little extra to have our pictures taken during the parasail. They took 80+ pictures for us, so it was totally worth the extra $25.

One morning we were up at about 5:30 to see the sunrise and boy was it worth waking up before the rooster even crowed. That night we also watched the sunset. Amazing.

This is our just rolled out of bed look..

And the sunset..

Did I mention that we ate a lot?

Also, I’m in love with this man.

And one last shot of the house we called home for two weeks.

So are you west coast or east coast lovers? Is it okay that I think we are both..? We’ve definitely spent more time on the east coast but have loveddd the west coast the few times we’ve been there. Eh.. ok I think we secretly love the east coast more :).

Film Friday: Day 1

We are just days away from our one year anniversary in the house. It seems like just yesterday Josh was carrying me over the threshold and we realized our house smelled like old people (don’t worry, between opening every single window in the house and an intense amount of clorox and febreze we had the house smelling like young people in no time 😉 ). Here’s day 1 and we’ll get back with day 365 to see how things have changed next Friday.