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First, let me begin by saying that today’s post was not planned. It was not in the pipeline (nor could it have been). It actually spawned out of one of those I’ve-got-something-awesome-I-need-to-share-because-it’s-awesome moments that began yesterday.

As you know we’ve been talking quite a bit here on TNIB about connecting your home and your technology simply and efficiently. – SmartThings couldn’t have come at a better time.

What is SmartThings?

In a nutshell, SmartThings is a set of tools created to make dumb things smart.

It begins with a hub that looks like this.

The hub is used to speak to Things. What are Things? Great question – “Things” are the peripherals used to connect non-connected objects. They look something like this.

It can do things like control lamps, notify you when real world actions take place, lock and unlock doors, open blinds, etc. And has the potential to do so much more through the imaginations of the hacker/developer community.

How did I find out about SmartThings? It launched on kickstarter yesterday and no sooner did it launch that I pledged my support and became the 214th Super Early Bird supporter.

(To be honest, it was one of those unexpected impulse buys. But I foresee it being worth it).

As a backer you will receive the hub and 3 Things of your choosing. That said, they just announced that if they reach 2,500 backers by Sunday night an extra Thing will be added to everybody’s order! Pretty cool.

Obviously I can’t speak (yet) as to how we use it in our everyday lives or how you could adapt it to yours but I hope to one day before the end of this year – so stay tuned.

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