Where did July go!?


I know, I know… Its been awhile since our last update. But we’ve been busy. Not necessarily just with the kitchen and the house but with life, work, and summertime. You may have started to believe that we gave up on the kitchen and went and hid in a hole (a totally plausible assumption…) but really we’ve been in 3 different states just in the month of July alone so the kitchen has been on hold. We did get a little further than our last post shows, so we’re working on writing new posts to get us up to speed…

In the meantime, here’s a few pictures to document our travels. We spent time in New Harmony, IN for a family reunion on my side, also San Diego, CA and we’re currently ending our annual trip to Long Beach Island, NJ with Josh’s side of the family.

photo copy 4

photo copy

photo copy 2

photo copy 3


photo copy 5

I hope you all are having a blessed summer! And like I said, posts on where we are currently in the kitchen project coming soon 🙂

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