Home Sweet…


It’s been too long. So long that we sold our house, started building a new one, moved out of our house, and moved into my in-laws. Woah. Thinking back to how exhausting that all was is exhausting me right now. 


Shortly after the new year we decided to put our home up for sale by owner in hopes to move closer to the city where Josh and I both work now. It sold fast and we were left with no place to go as our new home won’t be completed until the fall. Luckily my husbands’ parents are graciously allowing us and our cat to join them in the meantime while most of our earthly belongings sit in storage. Many people had an initial reaction of, “WHAT!? YOU PUT SO MUCH WORK INTO THAT HOME!!” We did and we loved it. But we were ready to let her go and happy that the new owners loved what we did to the home.

We are excited to chronicle the building process here on our blog and then all of the projects we’ll tackle to take our builder-grade home to the next level! Will you join us? 

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