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Gettin’ Real in the Kitchen

With our impending dream kitchen remodel right around the corner we’ve been doing quite a bit of planning, research, designing, scrapping, and redesigning lately (that’s normal isn’t it?). We have been working toward our ultimate goal of making this… Read More

EXPEDITion of the Great Unknown | Closet Remodel Part 3

Closet Remodel: Part 1 | Part 2  So over the course of 2 days we tore apart the closet, patched the holes, primed, painted, and… waited. We put the project on hold while we took the time to figure out… Read More

A Whole Lot o’ Little Closet | Closet Remodel Part 2

Closet Remodel: Part 1 | Part 3 | With shelf demo out of the way and a whole bunch of holes now in my way I had a bit more on my plate than I had planned on…. Read More