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Lockitron | A Simple DIY Smart Home

It was an early spring weekday afternoon and I had decided to head home for lunch. Why? I can’t know for sure. Perhaps it was because I was craving a good homemade turkey¬†sandwich, some tortilla chips, and a… Read More

SmartThings | A Simple DIY Smart Home

First, let me begin by saying that today’s post was not planned. It was not in the pipeline (nor could it have been). It actually spawned out of one of those I’ve-got-something-awesome-I-need-to-share-because-it’s-awesome moments that began yesterday. As you… Read More

Mission Control | A Simple DIY Smart Home

If you’re tuning in cold turkey and have no idea what the title of this post is referring to or assume that it is referencing some 80s sci-fi thriller, you may want to venture over to this little… Read More